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Leaving Lukla

Updated: Apr 12

Today was another wonderful day. The day had started with breakfast at last night's lodgings, and then off to get permits and the obligatory starting photo.


We headed downhill to the Mahendra Jyoti Higher Secondary School, and as I've got into the habit of doing, I'll start with an extract from Mike Dillon’s morning email to set the scene, and then follow that with a few pictures.

First stop the school I spent a month at in 1980 filming Edmund Hillary,his brother Rex and their team, building. Then it was just two Primary school classrooms, now it is an amazing high school so good that few families need to send their children to Kathmandu for higher secondary school education.

It was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake and Lakpa was given the mammoth task of finding funds for and supervising its  reconstruction and a huge local and international effort got underway to get the job down. Russ and Deb Brown and their trekking team spent a week here smashing stones for instance.

Lakpa will be waiting at the school to greet us and show us around

We were welcomed to an assembly with all the children, and again treated like honoured guests.  The Dillons and the Browns, who Mike mentions,  deserve such accolades; the rest of us rather less so.  I guess the important thing, for those who may be reading this with some awareness of the AHF, is that it’s through the work of the AHF that schools like this are able to deliver the much needed services which they do.  Anyway, hopefully the pictures tell a little of this story.

After this tour we then headed off for tonight’s destination, the town of Ghat. I had first stayed her on 2013, coincidentally camping in a field maybe 100 metres from tonight's accommodation.  Pictures of the afternoon follow:




The final escapade for the day was an excursion across the Dudh Kosi River. Therapy!!

Tomorrow is a stroll to Monjo.

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