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The last hurrah

I'm planning that this will be my final post after my recent "Footsteps of Hillary" trip.

In the last few days I've waded through the 1250 or so photos on my camera plus the 1400 or so "snaps" on my phone, and have created three separate much smaller albums.

The first is a series of shots around Kathmandu, focussong almost solely on the three old cities of Basantapur (Kathmandu), Patan and Bhaktapur. This album is here.

The next one is of the trek itself through the Solukhumbu, that district of eastern Nepal which runs from roughly 35klms south of Lukla up to the border with Tibet. This album is here.

Lastly, there's a random album of people, encounters and animals, both still photos and a few videos. A few of them already featured in earlier blog posts. It may not mean all that much to those who weren't there, but all the same feel free to jump in and have a squizz. Here it is.

Until next time ...

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