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Temporary Direction Change

Friday 2nd June, Namche Bazaar.

Namaste good people of blog- and social media-worlds.

I'm changing direction for the moment. A move away from trip notes, back to the fundamental purpose of this trip. This is my 6th trip to the Himalaya. A very special trip, unlike all previous ones.

Previous trips had been recreational and adventurous. So has this one, but with a fundamental underlying purpose. This has been an awareness-raising and fundraising trip for the Australian Himalayan Foundation. Hopefully this theme has come through my posts so far, and it will become even clearer when I write my post on yesterday's events in Phortse.

As part of my fundraising efforts I have donated a number of books for the AHF's 70th Anniversary Himalaya Day 2023 Auction. A link to the auction is here.

The books themselves don't have a great deal of intrinsic value, but what they do have is a personally signed inscription by Peter Hillary for those written by his father, Sir Edmund. I tracked Peter down in Namche Bazaar a few days back and he graciously signed the inscriptions for me.

A couple of requests:

Please consider making a bid on the auction. Again, the link is here. These signed books will be wonderful talking points, and the funds certainly go to a good cause.

Also, if you'd previously considered contributing to my fundraising efforts but not quite got around to it, it's not too late to donate. You can do so here.

Please also share this amongst your own social networks, and refer them to this blog and links.

Dhanyabad ...

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1 Comment

Glenn Egan
Jun 03, 2023

Hi Peter, when I saw the picture of you and Peter Hillary, I thought you could be brothers! Have made a bid and will keep tracking how this develops. What an amazing experience! 👍👏 stay safe OK 🙂

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