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Some Exciting News

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

It's now less than 8 weeks until I head off to Nepal. The trip news continues to grow, with details of the May 29th events (the actual 70th anniversary) continuing to firm up. Apart from the sheer joy of being there for such a momentous event, the list of dignitaries who'll be present continues to grow, adding to the weight of the event. I am so much looking forward to it.

Those who have followed the developments since late last year will know that apart from the excitement of just being there, one of my strong motivations has been to turn this into a fundraising exercise for the benefit of the people of the Himalaya, especially the women and children who do not always have the opportunities that we in the west take for granted.

My fundraising has had some success, but in the last few weeks I want to ramp it up, a lot.

To that end, just before I head off to Nepal I'll select two lucky donors (entirely randomly - names out of a hat) to receive a thank-you pack of three Everest books - two by Sir Edmund Hillary and one by Lincoln Hall (as many of you know, I knew Lincoln personally, and his story in "Dead Lucky" is truly amazing). The other two accounts of the first ascent, by Sir Edmund, are exciting and insightful reads.

But here's the good part. Peter Hillary, Sir Edmund's son, has agreed to sign his father's books for me. The books will be inscribed personally to the two chosen donors. This thank you pack will be totally unique, and will personally recognise your contribution, regardless of size.

So please, make a donation today at

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