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Day 33 - WWW

Wed 18th Oct., Zamora to Montamarta, approx. 22klms. 30,000 steps +/-.

The acronym www means different things to different people. It might have something to do the internet, or for those who know Janet and me personally it might represent one of my pet names for her.

But not today. I think that my comments yesterday about the weather must have offended the weather gods, for today they summoned the Wild Westerly Wind to torment us all day. I estimate that she blew at something like 30-40 kph without hesitation, with gusts over that from time to time. The only good thing is that because we were walking north we didn't have to face her directly, but rather simply needed to keep our individual stride and balance from her insistent gusts from across the wide treeless plains. So it was a bit of a challenging day's walk, and we're rather expecting the same tomorrow.

There's a lovely lookout over the river not far from our apartment, and I forgot to include it in yesterday's post. Here it is:

It's from here that I took the photos of the Stone Bridge. The words above read:

The river passes through Zamora, green and gentle.  The enormous Byzantine bald spot of the dome is seen in the deep waters. The boats pass slowly over the waves.

I'm not so sure about the Byzantine bald spot, but it's a lovely image all the same.

Speaking of images, here's a few as we left Zamora this morning:

The northern city walls

Wall art

We'd been warned about this. Follow the wrong arrow and you end up in Portugal 😉

At a wreckers yard approaching Roales del Pan. Need any spare parts for your APC??

Playground for kids and rest spot for peregrinos - Roales del Pan

Fabulous map at the end of the playground/rest spot

Above two: massive power station under construction, solar of course. By my uneducated guesstimate, based on the size of our property at home, this looks like it covers 50ha or more.

We had a slight navigation glitch today, so it was good to find this:

High speed train whizzing through the fields. At times the wind seemed as fast

Massive oyster mushroom at a nearby cafe in tonight’s town of Montamarta. Janet's phone is in the top one to give some perspective.

Bit weary tonight. Another biggish day tomorrow. Slightly longer distance. Wind. Rain. But let's end on a positive. Smiling faces below as we left Zamora esta mañana.

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