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Day 55 - Same Same But Different

Santiago de Compostela, Thursday 9th November.

I had zero intention of blogging today. I said my virtual farewells yesterday, but then fate intervened.

One of the things I'd rather thought of doing on previous visits to Santiago, but not all that seriously, was to do a cathedral roof tour. I thought that the weather gods might stymie me this time, but today, whilst not exactly summery, was at least mostly not raining. So off we went. The tour was fully in Español, which means we didn't understand a word, but the views were quite spectacular and so here's just a few shots for the record:

It's called a roof tour for good reason. You actually walk up and down and all over the roof itself. The roof "tiles" slope at a reasonably gentle angle, and even when damp are unslippery.

A great view of the Praza do Obradoiro.

Mosteiro de San Martiño Pinario

This gives a good sense of what's behind the imposing doors of what is now the Parador (previously the Hospital Real de Santiago de Compostela, from the year 1499)

Of course one must have a tower selfie ...

Post roof, I went for a bit of an explore of the Cathedral Museum. Above is the tomb of King Alfonso IX (1171-1230)

The cloisters, within the Museum building.

And of course, Santiago himself, from the year 1500.

Now for a change of direction. 8 years ago when we were first here, post Camino #1, a friend took a photo of us relaxing at Cafe Agarimo. Just for a bit of fun, we did a bit of a re-creation today.

2015 versus 2023. As I said, Same Same But Different ...

Off to Madrid tomorrow, and then much of the next 24/36 hours in transit or in the air. This time I think it really is adiós.

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