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Day 41 - Decisions

Thu 26th Oct., Lubian back to Puebla de Sanabria, ~30 klms, by taxi

The rain pelted down nearly all night, and showed no sign of easing by 10:30 when we had returned to Bar Javi to organise and wait for the taxi to bring us back here. Here's a taste:

So on the strength of the above we've made the right call.

Just before we reached Bar Javi we turned a corner to see Juan David from Columbia. We'd first met Juan a few days back at Granja de Moreruela - it's actually only 6 days but it seems much longer than that. His English is good enough for us to have a rudimentary chat, and only yesterday when we again bumped into each other at the freezing and windswept Padornelo we "met" his wife back home by video call. Juan is one of the world's most decent human beings, and I was delighted to see him this morning, even though my heart was heavy. We told him that we were turning back. We'd previously swapped WhatsApp numbers, and if the stars align we may well see him again.

Which brings me to now. Sometimes in life one has to make a "least bad" decision. Yesterday’s to reverse course is one of those. Going on wasn't a truly viable option. Returning doesn't feel good. Lose-lose. As an aside, another peregina we'd first met way back in Salamanca said on the blog this morning:

Hi Peter and Janet!

What a bummer! But you made the right call. I just managed to make it to A Gudina yesterday afternoon, wet and miserable. Now holed up in the albergue, considering options. Definitely not walking today. Way too dangerous in this alpine terrain. Howling winds and incessant bucketloads of rain. There's no point. It is disappointing indeed. Take care, xxx

[A Gudina is one day ahead of us, and where we would have been tonight had circumstances been different.]

Our choices over coming days will be:

  1. get to Ourense on 31st October and return to the walk. That will simply have meant that we have taken a one week hiatus, and we'll be back on track. I truly hope this is the way it pans out

  2. Pull the pin altogether, go to Santiago to collect the luggage we have there and head home (timings of that option tbd), and if that's the choice,

  3. maybe come back another time and start once again from Puebla to do the last ~250 klms. Maybe ...

I'm going to go offline for a few days now. Before I do, here's a few shots from around Puebla de Sanabria this afternoon (and a couple from this evening). It's a pretty town.

To conclude, a rainbow selfie.

Chat again in a few days ...

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