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Day 35 - Adiós Via; Westward Ho ...

Fri 20th Oct., Granja de Moreruela to Tabara, theoretically 25klms, probably more ...

Those who know me will appreciate that I'm a "glass half full" person by nature. I can usually find the positive in people, situations and events. Today was not one of those days, and so in advance please forgive me being a bit grumbly.

I had been looking forward to the start of the Sanabrés, hence the cheery title. But the elements had different ideas. Yesterday’s westerly wind had strengthened, which meant that for almost all of the 7 hours on the track we walked into a ~40 kph headwind. With gusts higher. All day.

It didn't help that Janet and I got separated; in part intentionally while I went off to explore a scenic route for an hour or so, but in practice for some 3 hours over 11/12 klms. No-one's fault; just one of those things that happens. But not good timing; on a more pleasant day those three hours would have skipped on by.

The winds were incessant. They raced across mostly cleared corn and sunflower fields with hardly a tree in sight to interrupt their onslaught. Walking into such headwinds drains your physical energy, and that chews into your mental energy, and after a while that starts to attack your spirit, your will to continue. I've walked in some inhospitable places, and had some tough days, but this was one of the toughest. Unpleasant. Unenjoyable.

These are my thoughts - I won't speak for J but leave it to her to add a comment if she wishes.

I had planned to make some further comments on Granja, but they're going to have to wait now, I don't have the energy to write a more detailed post.

I'll finish with some photos - the day wasn't all bad (glass half full).

You know which one we chose

Same same ...

Early in the day and still relatively fresh. But head down into the wind all the same

Scenery from one of my ill-considered diversions early in the day

Puente Quintos over el Rio Esla

All the above in the first hour. After that it was head down into the wind, looking no more than 1 metre ahead. No energy or opportunity to look around, until I got to Faramontanos de Tabara, 18 klms into the day, and the village where Janet and I reunited.

Traditional bodegas at Faramontanos de Tabara.

That'll do for today, other than to say that el pronóstico del tiempo mañana tells us that the winds will drop considerably. Let us hope so ...

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