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Day 17 - Restart

Mon 2nd Oct., Cáceres to Cañaveral, en coche

It's been a funny old week this last one. Haven't quite been in the groove. Sickness, blisters, heat. All set about to just slightly throw things out of whack. No matter of course; as much as these "curved balls" can put one off balance, where's the challenge if everything goes super smoothly all time?

Today's the reset day. We're safely in Cańaveral, via this cute little coach.

Add one letter and it could have been a beer bus 😉 ...

Tomorrow we start walking again. Harking back to the CF all those years ago, one thing I recalled reading was that the first third of that walk was for the body, the next third for the mind and the last third for the spirit or soul. That seemed fairly true to me at the time. We are now technically about a third of the way into our walk, although admittedly not all of it has been a pie. I noticed over the last few days that my legs were generally feeling much stronger/less tired. I certainly noticed that around Cáceres, which has a very hilly old town, and "flat" is probably anything less than a 30-degree pitch (I exaggerate just a tad). Anyway, back on the road again tomorrow and looking forward to it.

We did a final stroll around Cáceres this morning, and here's some closing shots:

Our departure "extravagance" was a pair of peace-tree pulseras. A permanent reminder of our time in this town.

That'll do now for Cáceres

Here's a bus selfie:

We're staying at the albergue, but in a little 2-story apartment off-set from the main building. Lovely, cool little place. "Cool" is the operative word. Late afternoon (4:30/5:00) I went for an exploratory stroll around town. Nothing was open, as expected, as it's still siesta time and it's just too hot. Currently it's officially something like 33-degrees, but in the still sun I think you can add quite a few to that official number.

Cañaveral is a quaint little place. One of its supposed claims to fame is its chimeneas antiguas, that is, it's old chimneys. Apparently there's over 100 of them dating back a century or more, and they is a sense of pride and curiosity for residents and visitors. Here's one:

Another thing I loved was some wise advice given by the local council, in the form of public benches, in one of the main squares:

The advice above reads, in order:

We are not responsible for emotions, but we are responsible for what we do with emotions;

Live your life. Don't let them live it for you;

And lastly:

Let us all be one with our words, so we will not be slaves to our mouths.

So as the good folk of Cañaveral sit just above the town plaza mayor and the iglesia, underneath the town lemon, they can contemplate their leaders' words of wisdom.

Easy day tomorrow - hasta luego ...

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Tania Herbert
Tania Herbert

Love those bench quotes Pedro! 😊



Good to see in your photos that I'm not the only one who always finds the villages/towns empty of people. Even the bus is empty by the looks of it 🙂Love the Lemon. I could think of a few places where that would fit very well here in England

Buen Camino, Derek



“Easy day tomorrow “ - when will you learn not to say that 😀

I’m glad they rolled out a big lemon for the Australians, I don’t think you’d find that here. I guess they’re unaware of the alternative meaning of the word.


Yeah, you'd think I'd learn 😏 ...



Love the comments on the seats. Looks like another interesting town.



Looks as though you have had some challenges, what with illness and the heat.

Good to know that there are buses when required.

Wonderful photos and a lifetime of memories. Enjoy!

Libby Packer

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