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Day 13 - Slow News Day

Thu 28th Sept., Aljucén to Alcuéscar

It's not that it was really a long day today, it just seemed that way. Only around about 20 klms, and perhaps 4 1/2 hours actually walking. Fairly warm. But a slow news day ...

I'm not sure whether the highlight of the day was Janet's breakfast (I'm still not eating, other than platanos), los animales, or the procession of Guardia Civil. I know what Janet would say if she'd been able to see them properly 😀 ...

So here's a few shots:

Her breakfast at the Kiosko El Parque, the same place as dinner last night

Ant trail - exciting stuff huh?

Cow cinco cinco cinco uno

Happy as a pig in ... pre jamón

Circling vultures - did they know something?

And now for Janet's highlight. 30 or so Guardia Civil. The first and last two had yellow tabards displaying Guardia Civil Trafico. All the rest simply wore a numbered tabard. Nearly all waved, tooted, or saluted as they went by. A training exercise we assumed

In case we got lost (we were on a single road nearly all day, so nigh on impossible to do so, but a nice touch in the middle of nowhere)

My one and only shot of Alcuéscar

One for Kerri - at tonight's albergue (got that everyone??)

The albergue has an interesting history. It's housed within a much larger building - here's a little bit of history:

Founded by Father Leocadio Galán on August 1, 1959 at the end of the Spanish Civil War, and with the aim of trying to alleviate the hunger and lack of training suffered by the people, since Don Leocadio considered that the War had been a manipulation for the poor and that they needed training to be able to move forward and improve their quality of life.  Its beginnings were established in the current Church House, and later, in 1942, it moved to the building of the old Civil Guard barracks, currently the priest's house;  and finally move to the current building in 1958. To also dedicate it as a teaching school, a center for vocational training, and a leisure and free time center for young people;  The end of its function as a school was in 1989.

It is currently dedicated as a hostel for pilgrims and as a residence for disadvantaged people, in addition to having a seminary.

Along with 7 others plus Serge the French hospitalero we had a communal meal downstairs somewhere in the bowels of the building (doubtful choice of words that). Two Aussies, one Italian, one Slovenian, one German-Argentinian, two Spaniards, one Czech, one Taiwanese and Serge. Simple and tasty fare - my first foray into food, so fingers crossed.

Most of the others are sprinting out the door between 6:30 and 7:00 so they can do their 30/40 klms in the relative cool.

Not us, short day tomorrow - 15 klms (yeah, I know ...)

Hasta mañana

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