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Day 11 - Relapse

Tue 26th Sept., Mérida

The bug struck back with a vengeance last night, so today really was a day of rest.

Early afternoon we ventured out to the Roman Theatre for an hour or so, and apart from a trip to the Correos (the pack has really been skinnied down now), I spent the day recovering. Janet went to the peluquería whilst I slept.

So that's it folks - here's a few shots at el teatro. A short 17klms tomorrow.

And lastly, the Temple of Diana at dusk

A ps ...

After I finished drafting the above, we decided to go for a stroll down to the Plaza Espana. Beautiful night, with the Alcazaba and the Bridge all lit up. It's a bit of a shame that circumstances didn't allow us to explore Mérida bit more, but here's a few night time shots all the same:

The road bridge over the River Guadiana from the Roman Bridge

And lastly, here's a photo of a sign for you Camino buffs out there. Mérida is the joining place of the Camino Mozárabe and the VDLP. The Mozárabe starts variously at Almeria, Grenada or Málaga before passing through Córdoba and joining the VDLP here. There's a good map in this Spanish wiki page.

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