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Jill Campbell
20 Nov 1955 - 15 July 2022
26 Jill, Janet & Peter April 2022_edited.png

I may add to this page over time, but for the moment it serves simply as a record, for family, of the events at her funeral on 2nd August 2022.  It's not a page for public viewing.

Here is a full recording of the service.  My eulogy starts at 4:40, and the sermon delivered by the Minister, Reverend Canon Sophie Relf-Christopher, at 19:55.

The universe transpired for the folk from her home at Ocean Grove not to be present, but the eulogy, titled "To Our Dearest Jill" which was meant to be delivered, is reproduced here. Lovely, kind words.

Lastly, Sophie Relf-Christopher's equally lovely sermon is reproduced here.

Miss Jillian Patricia Campbell SERVICE
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