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2021 Vintage Bottling (Sunday 27th March, 2022)
2021 Bottling 1.jpg

This morning I had the pleasure of joining winemaker Marius in his boutique winery, and participating in the last stage of our wine's journey from vine to bottle.

To the left is our barrel, now empty.  The wine is very gently pumped (at around 20 litres/minute) into the holding tank, below left. 

Then, tracking anti-clockwise, follow the rest of the process.  In the holding tank, the wine is protected with a layer of argon.  At this stage sulphur is added (to between 32-35 ppm) before being vacuum pumped into each bottle, a process which takes around 20 seconds.  Each bottle is then sealed with a quality Diam "cork".  The bottles may then be labelled, then they are packed ready for the polylaminate capsules to be applied, and stack on pallets.

Below right are the first 16 of our syndicate's cases (The observant will note the "I" for Ian noted on each case.)

And on the immediate right is the número uno bottle of Crofamiul Wine's 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon.  I'll need to be patient though - ideally two years before it'll be ready.  I doubt we'll wait quite that long.  And of course with a 30 year life ahead of it, the wine will likely outlive me!!

2021 Bottling 9.jpg
2021 Bottling 2.jpg
2021 Bottling 8.jpg
2021 Bottling 3.jpg
2021 Bottling 5.jpg
2021 Bottling 6.jpg
2021 Bottling 7.jpg

Crofamiul Wines; nothing formulaic about them.

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